The gathering of Save me he needs ‘cash’ before his imminent entry into unemployment and for this reason he has negotiated a new and juicy exclusive. This is how we told it this Wednesday in scoop and she has confirmed it hours later: she met a week ago with the person in charge of the publication and will be on the cover talking about her son, her daughter-in-law and her future grandson, who has not yet been born and whom she still does not know if she will be able to meet.

Let us remember that the relationship between carmen borrego y Jose Maria Almoguera It’s very complicated since the first one threw poisoned darts at her daughter-in-law, Paolaand this mother: “Spiteful people cannot have a good heart because rancor prevents them from doing so, rancor is hate. I don’t like spiteful people. It’s what scares me the most. I’m scared for my son” he said then.

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Following these statements, his son broke all relations with his mother, whom he has not seen since. Carmen has lost the pregnancy. He is going to be her first grandchild and she has not been able to enjoy the baby shower what Paola did, nor being able to go buy things for the baby’s room, nor clothes or all the accessories that newborns need. The typical thing that some grandparents do. But that is not going to deprive Carmen of doing an exclusive when she is a grandmother.

And it is that, as we anticipated this Wednesday, the sister of Have him She is very nervous and worried about her future job. The cancellation of Save me it leaves her without income or work and her economic situation is not at all buoyant. The only hope is that, as is being said, La Fábrica de la Tele makes a program where they have it, but for now it is pure speculation. That is why she is willing to become the first grandmother to talk about her grandson without having met him if she wants to. In this same exclusive, she would also talk about the health situation of her mother and the tense relationship that she maintains with Terelu. It is clear to her that anything goes.