Carmen Alcayde announced last October that she was separating from her husband after 28 years of relationship and three children together. The journalist and Eduardo Primo Arnau thus put an end to her marriage.

“It has been a thoughtful, difficult decision,” he said then. This Friday, the 49-year-old presenter underwent a polygraph at the Deluxe and revealed aspects of their privacy, such as that they have not had sexual relations since their separation and that they have had erotic dreams with a co-worker, although they did not name Rivera channels.

He also talked about other difficult moments in his life, such as his disagreements with Jorge Javier Vázquez (52), who drove with her here is tomato for five years. “We spent years without speaking to each other,” admitted the Valencian. One day they went live without speaking to each other and without even looking at each other because of her bad vibes. “We didn’t talk to each other because we didn’t get along, but because we took different paths,” she explained.

What do you really think of your peers?

The truth machine Conchita revealed that Carmen Alcayde was merciless with Lydia Lozano, and that he enjoyed making his partner cry because that was how he did a television show. It was also clear that Alcayde believes that Lydia Lozano has a crying button and uses it to pity her on television. Think that all your classmates Save me They are broken toys carmen borrego She is in the program because she is the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos and? bethlehem esteban He has a mania for it and can’t stand it. Carmen Alcayde also admitted that she refused to go to survivors for attending the first communion of one of your children