goodbye to Chinese Stories. The program presented by Jorge Javier Vazquez It was canceled this Thursday, September 28, by Mediaset due to poor audience results after only three weeks on the grid. A few hours after hearing the news, Carlota Corredera He sent a message of support to his former partner Save me.

“I haven’t been able to talk to him yet, but I feel very sorry for Jorge Javier Vázquez and for the team, from last to first,” he revealed at the presentation of a musical in Madrid.

The communicator from Vigo, who has been immersed in the world of the small screen for a long decade, believes that there is no magic formula to guess what content works. “Sometimes it works that you do it and other times it doesn’t. TV is like that. At this point, we have to be prepared, minimally, for things like this to happen.”

After his long career in television, he thinks that three weeks is “a short time” to check if a program works or not. “But hey, I’m not into spite,” she noted with some resignation.

Corredera took advantage of his intervention to remember that Jorge Javier, as happens with the rest of the people who work in this profession, are very “vulnerable.” “Jorge is strong, but he is also very fragile. We are very fragile and very vulnerable people, not everyone is so exposed to knowing what they think of you,” he said.

“This time it didn’t go well, but surely the next one. I hope that right now he will start with a clean slate. I’m sure that huge projects await him, I mean, Jorge is 53 years old. Furthermore, I think he is a person who “He is happy working. I hope to see him very soon,” the journalist concluded.