The Spanish driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) has assured that he felt that he had “control at all times” during the Singapore Grand Prix race, where he scored his second victory in Formula 1, and has thanked the team for his “great effort to turn around the tumultuous start to the season.”

“I felt that I had the peace of mind and the space to be able to do things, but you are under pressure and if you make any mistake it could go wrong. I have had control at all times and I have been able to achieve this victory, I am very happy,” he said after finish the race on the Marina Bay street circuit.

The man from Madrid described his feelings after the test as “incredible”. “It has been an incredible race and an incredible weekend, thanks to everyone at Ferrari because they have made a great effort to turn around the tumultuous start to the season. We have done everything we had to do perfect in the race and we We are going with a victory that all of Ferrari and all of Italy are going to be proud of,” he said.

Finally, he talked about the team’s tire strategy. “It was about controlling our tire and degradation limitations; I had to hit the lap targets for each compound. We had to stop earlier than planned with that safety car and I knew I was going to have to spend more time with the hard,” he stressed.

“I had to slow down even more to avoid giving George -Russell-‘s medium tire a chance. It worked perfectly. I gave Lando -Norris- the DRS to take him and in the end we got that victory” , he concluded.