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Fernandez He will have slept like a child last night after the first 24 hours as intense and full of commitments as txuri urdin. La Real has published a video that collects more intimate images of the Andalusian forward's first day in the discipline of the Realist club, which started at eight in the morning at the medical check-up and ended around eight in the afternoon in Zubieta, after his presentation press conference. Charles, in addition, it went through Anoeta At noon to sign his contract, he took the relevant photos with the elastic txuri urdin in the stadium and trained with his new teammates under the orders of Imanol.

The video also shows us the good reception given him by the footballers with whom he coincided at lunch in the dining room of Zubieta. The Sevillian was greeting one by one the players, technicians and the cook, Johnny
Porto, and with some it stopped more than with others. Mikel
Merino or Remiro, for example, they greeted him more affectionately. The three are of a similar generation (1995 and 1996) and have coincided in lower categories of the national team.

FernandezFinally, for the first time, he experienced the sensation of celebrating a goal with a Real shirt, albeit virtually. The Guzmareño recorded the resource images that the clubs use on their different channels when their players score in official matches and, based on the passion he put into it, their celebrations promise to be a spectacle when the real goals arrive.