Judicial blow for the son of Sea Flowers. The Malaga Court has ratified this Tuesday the sentence of 21 months in prison for a crime of fraud for Carlo Costanzia. The Prosecutor’s Office, with which the model had reached an agreement, has joined the judge’s decision to the surprise of the convicted person and also his entire legal team.

Carlos is “dismayed and working with his lawyers to find a solution”they say in And now Sonsoles. Neither he nor his lawyers expected this judicial decision, because as we said they had reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office that “they believed was very solid”, after which they had requested the suspension of the sentence. The judge’s refusal has given the case a 180-degree turn, since the possibilities of Carlo finally entering prison are increasingly tangible.

Let us remember that the son of Mar Flores and the Count of Costigliole is accused of a scam related to a luxury car business. He claims that he was just “the useful fool” and that his partner, whom he has sued, used his image and fame to attract clients to whom, by the way, Carlo has already begun to return the swindled money (as part of the agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, what is called ‘Reparation of damage’).

It is not the first time that the actor Toy Boy He has problems with the law. The model spent the night during the month of October 2022 in a prison after being stopped in a traffic stop. In November he was granted a third-degree regime with a telematic bracelet that he has worn since then and which requires him to be located by the authorities at all times. Currently, he follows a rehabilitation program to overcome his addictions: “I don’t want to justify my actions, but when I commit these crimes I am neither in my right mind nor in my senses. I also say this, in a certain sense, with shame. I’m not glad I had all the addiction problems I’ve had throughout my life, I’m glad I overcame them and I’m glad that, today, I’m completely clean,” he confessed to Susanna Griso.

After walking on some of the most important catwalks on the fashion circuit and starring in his own television series, he now makes a living as a pizza maker: “My career has been cut short. I have worked in restaurants and cooking, now I work as a pizza maker. As a result Because of this, enormous barriers have been put in place, I have gone through all the contacts I could at the level of representation, they tell me that they loved my work, but they can’t, the person who represented me chooses not to take me anymore. And they no longer take me. they call casting, or anything.”