Mar Flores’ son has come forward publicly after the Provincial Court of Malaga ratified his 21-month prison sentence for the crime of continuous fraud. Cutting, Carlo Costanzia He states: “I’m calm because in theory I’m not going to go to jail. I’ve been serving a third-degree sentence for four months with a telematic bracelet, which they gave me for a previous conviction. They’ve been joined together and I’m already paying.”

Carlo Costanzia is not surprised by the judge’s decision, but he is surprised by the Prosecutor’s Office, with which he had reached an agreement: “I have returned 100,000 euros to the victims, but only 51,000 euros went to my account. “I believed at all times that it was legal money that came from a legal company.”. He does not understand the ‘cruelty’ of justice: “My crime is aggravated, my former partner’s is not and he is the owner of the company that defrauded everyone. There are statements from Roberto, my former partner, in which he takes responsibility for everything.” , that I didn’t know anything and that I have nothing to do with what happened.” And he added: “They forced me to go to prison even before I appealed the sentence.”

Carlo affirms that he has the full support of his family: “The 100,000 euros that I have returned have been given to me by my family, I don’t have that money.” The actor of Toy Boy He explained how his mother is feeling: “I get along very well with my mother, as always, but this is not a dish of good taste. All this hurts a lot but it does not break up a family. She knows that I am innocent, that they deceived me and that I have dropped hundreds of projects that were already signed.” And she ends: “There has been an unfair public and media trial that will destroy a person and his environment.”

Despite the situation, which has Carlo really outraged, the young man claims to be strong and happy: “Happiness is small moments in life and I am happy. Of course I would like to be at another point at 30 years old, but everything will come “I have a lot to give.” And he reveals: “Now I live in a rental house outside of Madrid and I have two jobs in hospitality to pay my bills and my things.”