Like so many other young women looking to carve out a path in the complicated world of acting, Carla Vigo he has to do other jobs while fighting for his dream. Nor be the niece of the Queen Letizia opens the doors wide for you (although let’s face it, something helps).

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As for her situation, it has been commented that she was seen distributing propaganda in a commercial area. In this regard, Felipe VI’s niece-in-law has commented: “It is true that I have been doing this work, but I am very clear that my future lies in the artistic world”, she has assured in The reason.

In this sense, the daughter of the disappeared Érika Ortiz has explained that she continues with her projects and that she has not thrown in the towel: “I am going to intervene in a short film directed by my friend Josele Román and I continue studying dance and acting. But while they leave new projects I have to do other things to earn money”.

Meanwhile, the cousin of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía continues to live with her boyfriend “in her parents’ house.” The situation still does not allow them to emancipate themselves: “We are still there for the moment.”

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In August, Carla Vigo suffered a professional upset. The work that she premiered in Madrid was cancelled. It was about the music The beautiful dream of life, with Rafael Amargo, with whom he was going to step on the stage of the Marquina Theater until the end of August. They claimed that “discrepancies with the director”, who resigned from him, were the reason for the sudden cancellation. With Bitter, the young woman had already worked in barren.