Seven months after being diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma, Carla Suárez has returned to training in Barcelona since March 1 with her sights set on returning to competition. The Canary Islands, who played for the last time at the end of February 2020, at the Qatar Open (defeat in the second round against the Czech Kvitova), shared on her social networks a photograph in which she is seen ready to exercise on a tennis court. tennis next to his bag of rackets.

“I am very excited to be training again! I thank you for all the love you have given me”, writes Carla next to the image in which he appears with a smile from ear to ear and his eyes set on returning to the competition, although he continues with the radiotherapy treatment, as a complement to the chemo to which he was subjected until the end of January since they detected a disease of which he was never afraid.

“I have not had a day of mental downturn,” he said in an interview he gave to AS, in which he already announced his intention to play again. “I would like to be ready in May. But I don't know if I can. For the Games, the invitations are very specific, but I have a protected ranking, with number 68, and I could enter, because the cut is usually there. Hopefully they can be celebrated. It could also be Wimbledon and US Open perfectly, “he explained. For now, he hits balls on clay, which is what he likes the most.

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