Carla Suárez continues to prepare her return to competition after overcoming Hodgkin's lymphoma she has been fighting in recent months and after confirming that she is already cured of the disease.

The Canarian tennis player, who has not left her passion for tennis during treatment, as she demonstrated with her training sessions with Sara Errani in Barcelona, Now he will have an important test to prepare his return to competition, since the Mutua Madrid Open has given him the opportunity to use its facilities to train, although Suárez will not play the tournament in this edition. “Very happy to return to the Mutua Madrid Open! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue training”, the player wrote on her social networks.

In a virtual meeting of the Mutua Madrid Open, Suárez also confessed how his feelings have been after returning to the track of the Caja Mágica. “I am very happy to be here and to meet my teammates again, especially in a tournament that has always made me very excited. I would like to thank everyone, especially Feli, I was missing that competitive spirit. “

He also wanted to speak about the presence of Carla Suárez on the tracks of the Mutua Madrid Open Garbiñe Muguruza. “We have been very excited to see her again. Many people have asked me about her and it is nice to see the feeling that Carla awakens and that people have missed and we want to see her back.”

Carla Suárez also wanted to thank Feliciano López, director of the Mutua Madrid Open, for the treatment he has had with her. “With me he has been 10. I thank him again because in the end he gives me the opportunity to be here with all the measures that there are. As a player he is spectacular and I wish I could have had that serve, “he joked.

Feliciano himself He also thanked the tennis player for her presence on the Mutua Madrid Open courts. “I want to thank Carla for being able to have her here again. It is great news. I would have loved to see her play in Madrid this year. It was a bit hasty but I am sure that next year we will be able to have you and on top of that you will to be able to play, which was what you would have loved. I hope you enjoy, even in these bubble conditions, which will be a new experience for you. Surely it can also come in handy for future tournaments that you want to play “.