The networks are on fire after the last stories you have published Carla Barber on his Instagram account, where he has a million followers. the ex of Diego Matamoros he complains in the video that an airline worker has “stolen” his suitcase.

“In a little while I’m going to go down to our cosmetology specialist to replace all the products that were left in my stolen suitcase, which by the way never appeared in Iberia,” complains the aesthetic medicine doctor.

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“All my products stayed in that suitcase, that suitcase appeared and when I went to pick it up it was gone. Which means that someone from there stole it, stole it, swiped it, took it home… and I was left without a suitcase and everything that was inside. But hey, I wish all the problems in the world were to lose something material and this will help me to try to be more attentive and not leave my suitcase inside the plane because I think that if it happened to me again, they would return it to me to steal,” she explains indignantly.

In addition to the video, Carla reaffirmed her words with a text: “Little talk about someone from Iberia Express, Iberia or AENA, swiping my suitcase. The companies are not to blame for the fact that there are some thieves among their staff. Of course, I will have to claim. As for the person responsible for the theft, karma will take care of him or her.”

As we said, Barber’s statements have not gone down well on social networks, as they remind him that no one can be accused of a crime such as robbery without having any evidence. “‘When I went to pick her up she was gone’ rather, I think she showed up after the deadline to pick her up and expected her suitcase to be kept for weeks because of her pretty face” or “I suppose you have proof of what you are saying, right? Why charge a crime without evidence is something serious, prove it”, are some of the comments from Internet users.