Capital Energy is crowned as the big winner of the 3,300 MW renewables auction carried out this morning with the acquisition of 1,540 MW of wind energy. This is due to an increase in the wind quota and a reduction in photovoltaic. Regarding photovoltaic energy, the company has achieved 8 MW.

Behind it is followed by Forestalia, which after its appearance in the electricity sector in the first renewable energy auction of 2016, has acquired about 779 MW of energy. Of these 779 MW, 562 correspond to wind energy and 215 to photovoltaic energy, according to sectoral sources.

Another of the winners has been the Spanish energy and petrochemical multinational Repsol, which has acquired 138 MW also from wind energy.

Naturgy, on the other hand, has also managed to place itself among the big winners of this auction, winning 221 MW of photovoltaic drop energy.

Iberdrola and Endesa have not finally attended the auction. The energy company chaired by Sánchez Galán has justified its non-attendance due to regulatory uncertainty, which has made them rethink their renewable investments in the country.

Endesa, for its part, has explained that the mandatory energy auction contained in the Royal Decree Law for 2022 and its short position in production with respect to the client portfolio, which forces them to buy in the pool, make its strategy is oriented today “primarily” to promote its own generation to supply its customers in the long term.

These two energy giants are joined by Acciona and Greenalia, who have not wanted to participate either.

Auction price

The average award price, As expected due to regulatory uncertainty, it was higher, reaching 28.6 euros, more than 4 euros above the average price obtained in the January auction of this year, in which the prices were around 24 euros in photovoltaic and 25 in wind.

The final results will be known after verification by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

Second round

This auction of 3,300 MW wind and photovoltaic, second with the system established by guidelines from the Teresa Ribera department, with accelerated execution times, has been called in a scenario in which light is the protagonist due to the unstoppable rise in prices. All the auctioned power will have to be in operation before June 30, 2024, with a special quota of 600 MW of accelerated availability that must be operational on September 30, 2022.

During the remainder of the year, it is planned that other competitive procedures will be held for a minimum of 200 MW of thermoelectric solar energy, 140 MW of biomass and 20 MW for other technologies.