Expulsion of Freuler at 17 minutes from Atalanta-Real Madrid (0-1) has generated debate and controversy. Many consider that the referee's decision was more than doubtful as long as Mendy was somewhat, heeled and it was not a clear chance to score. One of those who believe Stieler could not have shown red to the defense of the Italian team is Fabio

“The referee spoiled the game because he was not the last man and also (Mendy) was going out. It was yellow. It would have been good if Atalanta could play on equal terms a game as important as Real ”, said the Italian, who goes further:“ Zidane was also incredulous. Did you see how he laughed? Atalanta had bad luck, but there is a game in Madrid. It can happen. It is enough to score a goal and not concede ”.

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