Any display screen that you can use for digital signage can refer to as a digital signage display. The screen could have different specifications which may include its size and resolution to make it different from the rest. Tablet screens to large-sized TV screens; all of these can fall into the category of digital signage.

We assume you are considering digital signage for your living room, we will share in this read, all the valuable information you need to figure out if you want to use digital signage as a regular TV or not. If you are brainstorming and researching about making your living room more entertaining, you might as well want to have a look at some tempting TV deals that cover everything you want without the obligation of any contract. How cool is that now, to know more, you can check out

What is digital signage? 

Digital signage is different from regular TV as it is a centrally regulated, platform for content distribution through which they playback content to one or many digital screens or displays. Digital signage is in other words is a system of electronic display which shows TV programming, information, menus, advertising, and various other messages.

If you want to use a screen with a digital signage player, you would have to make sure the screen has a dedicated port. This case doesn’t hold importance in tablets because they work both as the player and the display. The latest screens and signage players are compatible with HDMI ports. However, you’ll see that old screens have the connectivity of VGA or RCA ports. The chances of using old screens are rare because HDMI ports offer high-quality service and have been in the market for over two decades.

Digital Signage Display is specialized for describing its usage at professional or commercial scales. Commercial displays are what businesses and other public-facing operations use. There is a difference between Commercial displays and Ordinary TV displays that you see in every household.

If you relate consumer TV with commercial displays, you might have a misconception of these two terms. You have to understand that both of them are different and have unique areas of usage. When looking at both of them, you can’t judge which one is a commercial display or a consumer TV. 

Let’s dive deeper into the details and have a look at what differences they have.

Consumer TV vs. Commercial Display

Consumer TV and Commercial Display are compatible with digital signage, but they work differently. Consumer or regular TV display screens are built for usual use in a home-based setting. Contrary to it, Commercial digital signage is used for displays and is designed explicitly for use for business purposes and environments. Most of the digital signage displays you get to see in professional surroundings are of the commercial assortment. The utmost noticeable dissimilarity between the two is the presence of a TV tuner in regular consumer TV. A consumer Television features an in-built tuner, while a commercial display doesn’t have one.

Consumer TV and Digital Signage

Consumer TV is the display that people use in their homes for entertainment purposes. You can find them when scrolling the home entertainment section at your local Best Buy, Target, and Costco. You’ll see multiple items from Samsung and LG brands. These hold a firm grip on the market and are the biggest competitors in manufacturing consumer TVs. You can use these displays with digital signage without spending much money.

Final Thoughts

We can’t cover everything about digital displays in this article but we have tried to cover all the essential details to help you understand whether you can use digital signage as a regular TV or not. We hope you might be familiar with by now what to consider when purchasing a digital signage display because of that use for commercial use. Contrary to it, regular TV is created for a domestic environment. After reading this article, you’ll find yourself in a state where you can buy a consumer TV without taking help from others. We recommend purchasing a display that offers a sleek and stylish design. Also, make sure the item you buy is durable and meets your expectations.