It was the 65th minute of the match between Real Madrid and the Celtic from Vigo at Bernabeu. Camavinga he put on his white T-shirt for the first time and stepped on the grass, just laid after the works carried out. At that precise moment, the Frenchman entered the list of the youngest players (33rd) to debut with the merengue team at just 18 years and 307 days. However, it was not going to stop there, and seven minutes later, the soccer scriptwriter, always unpredictable, decided that the midfielder was going to score his first goal in the league. Only six players in needed less time than him: Ronaldo, Rodrygo, Joselu, Beckham, Olsen and Lozano. With it, he became the fourth youngest player to score in his Madrid debut after Alberto rivera (17 years and 111 days), Manolo Sanchís (18 years and 195 days) and Rodrygo (18 years and 259 days).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Camavinga fell to his feet both due to his quick scoring contribution to the team and the good game shown during his first game, despite the fact that nerves played a trick on him in some actions. However, breaking records is not something strange for him, considering that in France he has already broken several historical records.

At 16 years, four months and 27 days, he became the youngest footballer to play a first division match with his former team, the Stade Rennes. That same year (2019), he achieved the unprecedented milestone of being awarded as the best player of the month in the Flirt 1. No one had ever done it at his age. One of the reasons for winning it is that he was the youngest player in the history of the competition to give an assist. He did it before Paris SaintGermain with 16 years and 281 days. Days later, he also managed to enter history as the youngest player to score a goal in the French league thanks to his goal. Lyon on December 15, 2019.

With the French team it has not been less. He debuted with 'les bleus' in September 2020, being the third youngest player to do so. It was the earliest for more than 100, leaving only ahead Julien Verbrugghe, international at 16 years and 10 months in 1906, and Maurice Gasgiger, who made his debut at 17 years and 4 months in 1914. A month after that, he made his debut as a starter for France and scored his first goal, becoming the second youngest scorer in the history of the French national team.

All his achievements motivated Madrid to spend 30 million in the French pearl. And, although the club does not lose sight of the fact that Camavinga is a project for the medium and long term, the illusion after their first meeting is total. Everyone expects him to keep breaking records at Real Madrid.

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