Camavinga has made an excellent start at Real Madrid. He has not yet played half a game (34 minutes in total, 24 'against Celta and 10' against Inter) and has a goal and an assist. All this with little time to adapt (he arrived on the last market day) and with only 18 years. Big words.

The first thing for this great performance has been the confidence of Carlo Ancelotti, who has made him from the beginning the first replacement in midfield, ahead of Isco and Asensio, who until their arrival had had a lot of prominence. However, in the last two games the man from Malaga has not even jumped onto the pitch (he has seen both of them intact from the bench) and the Spaniard has only played 12 minutes (eleven against Celta and one against Inter).

Against Celta, in the League, Carletto He entered with the game in favor, but against Inter he did it with the match tied (0-0) and in a Champions League debut that was decisive, at home and with the strongest rival in the group in front. The Frenchman responded more than once: he gave Rodrygo the pass for the only goal of the clash, the one that puts Madrid with three invaluable points. It was his debut in the Champions League, before a great European and on an imposing stage. None of that weighed on Camavinga, who wasted self-confidence and self-assurance.

Ancelotti, aware of the rain of praise that the footballer will receive in the coming days, highlighted his good performance while emphasizing two key aspects: patience and facets to improve. “He is a player who can play for Madrid, that is why we have signed him. He is very young, he has a lot of quality but we have to be patient. You must progress well, you are. He must improve the defensive aspect and he will improve it in the future, ”said the Italian.

Future signing

These first performances give the reason to Madrid, which considers Camavinga's as a strategic signing. The center of the field is a demarcation that progressively needs a change. The trio formed by Casemiro, Kroos and Modric is still the present, they still have gasoline and they will continue to be very important as long as they maintain their level. But Modric is already 36 years old and Kroos is recovering from an uncomfortable pubalgia. With the Croatian, the white club has shown that they will continue at the Bernabéu as long as they maintain the level (they renewed him last year for another year). But it is evidence that time passes for everyone and at Madrid they want to be prepared so that the relief occurs naturally …