How are the players ?: “For me they have come better. They have been many days without being able to go out. At the muscular level they have not lost too much. He is having a harder time getting used to the race ”

Tomorrow the group work returns: “Until now they have worked individually and tomorrow we can already make groups of ten players. He works will be different and he is getting closer to real football ”.

Have you seen the Bundesliga games ?: “At first it shocks you a little. When you see the empty stadium and the measures that are taken … we are not used to it. You have to get used to the idea. I hope he goes ahead in our league too. ”

What date do you prefer to return ?: “June twelve seems good to me. We will have two or three weeks to work with the entire team. If we start on the 12th, the calendar will not be as tight. ”

Aspas: “I would like to return as soon as possible”

Villarreal Shield / Flag

Celta player Iago Aspas was another of the guests at Movistar's El Partidazo. He assured that there is concern when it comes to returning to group training and that he wants to play again as soon as possible.

First week: “Very happy to return. The return is always hard, as in preseason. Tomorrow we start with more colleagues and we can do more things as a group. ”

Bundesliga: “Those of us who like soccer give us happiness. Without an audience it is different, you can hear everything. Being able to enjoy soccer makes us happy. It is as if it was one of the first preseason games, we have to assimilate everything more. ”

Fear of group training: “There is always concern, some more than others. I am calmer. I really like soccer and I would like to come back soon. You have to be careful this first week. Let's see how the week goes, which will be tough with double workouts. ”

Return date: “I would like it to be as soon as possible. As Thebes said, it does not depend on them. We are doing many tests, we have already taken two. I would like to return as soon as possible. ”

Fear of muscle injuries: “There is that fear. Those who are older than that are more easily injured, but that's what physical trainers are for, to help us. ”

Penalty to Pione Sisto: “We do not know anything. They sent us to do the first tests 10 days ago. As we were going individually I did not know if I was going or not. Hopefully you will be with us as soon as possible to enjoy your football. It has many qualities. I don't know what happened, if I knew I could scold him and help him. He doesn't know the language well, we try to help him. ”

Accumulation of matches: “I hope I have gasoline.”

Ayoze: “We are a week late”

Ayoze Pérez, a Spanish player who plays for the English Leicester, offered on the same program the news that will be held next week in the Premier League, which is also scheduled to return.

First week: “Tomorrow we start with the tests, it seems that everything returns a little to normal. We are a week behind, now we are going to start doing tests and individual training. ”

Return of the Premier: “We don't know if he will return. I think so, a league like the Premier will return, one way or another. But 100% we don't know anything. ”

Leicester's opinion: “Even players saw the possibility of coming back a bit soon. The club has wanted to train again from the first moment. First of all there is health and everyone is safe. Little by little we will get into dynamics. “

Footballers who did not want to play: “We have a chat and nobody in the group has given his arm to twist, they do not see it bad or hasty. In principle we all know that the club is going to take the necessary measures to be safe. ”


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