Cádiz breathes optimism to be installed in the quiet area from the standings when there are only five rounds left. The yellows are living the last days with some respite thanks to the position they occupy (13th) and the cushion of points they have with respect to descent (+7). This margin is due to many factors, but there is one that stands out above the rest, and it is none other than the great profitability that they get to the last 30 minutes of the parties, period in which they have scored eleven of their 28 goals, Or what is the same, 39% of the many.

If there is a motto that Cádiz takes to heart this season, it is: 'The fight is not negotiated'. Those from Cervera get the most out of the last half hour of the game, period in which six of his eleven goals annotated have been valid for add nine points more in your locker. Thanks to the goals in this period it was won the match of the first round against Barça (Negredo, 64 '); and those of the second, against Valencia (Mauro, 87 ') and Getafe (Timor, own goal 64'). What's more it was tied the encounters before Barcelona (Álex, 88 '), Alavés (Álex, 88') and the last against Valladolid (Cala, 64 '), all of them in the second round. In total, these goals were worth adding nine more points, which if not achieved, would have the team in a very different situation.

Shield / Flag Cádiz

Fewer goals in the first half hour

The first half hour is the least effective section of Cádiz. The yellow ones they have only scored seven goals in this period, which represents only 25% of the targets. In the remaining section, the one that goes from 31 'to 60', those of Cervera have scored ten goals, one less than in the period from 61 'to 90'. In this case the percentage is 37%. Cádiz is second-party. If we focus only on assessing each of the two halves of the match, we find that the yellows have only scored eleven goals of their 28 during the first. This means that they are the second team that scores the least in the first period, just ahead of Eibar, with nine.


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