The easy joke is worth: League in the absence of Super League. Madrid is still in this, hanging by a thread due to its disadvantage and the obvious decline in its squad, but which is loaded with plutonium: Benzema, a good and beautiful player in equal measure. In Carranza he left two goals, one assist and that ability to press the nuclear button that Cristiano had, regardless of whether the team was in charge or suffered. In Carranza, Madrid sent a lot and went to bed as the leader. The Cádiz, which was granite, evaporated with a blast.

Long ago, due to an extra coronavirus, a battered psoas or a traitorous soleus, Madrid's line-ups are a Frankenstein. It was Getafe, with five midfielders and no midfielder, as a result of the presidents falling in love with the former until they become an invasive species in the squads and are wary of spending money on the latter. And it was the one from Cádiz, with an innovative packaging. An explainable 3-4-3. Zidane does not even go to the corner with Odriozola and Marcelo, wingers with a lot of back and forth, without the escort of three centrals. This time he had them and put them on. And he doubled the axis with the Blanco youth squad to give himself the pleasure of playing with extremes. Multiplying the bands is traditional medicine for closed defenses. But what really changed Madrid from Coliseum to Carranza was Benzema, which is a cash register. Right now he feels capable of everything, alone or with others.

Cádiz, on the other hand, is a team to respond rather than propose. There is no carnival there. In fact, Álvaro Cervera does not hide himself as an apostle of other football, that in this the truth is widely distributed. He confesses that it is out of necessity, but he does not deny it. And it has been good for him. He took Cádiz in Second B, they gave him time, he promoted him last summer, he has almost saved him and it has been very little chewy for the greats. This time he appeared very haggard. He committed an expendable penalty and then fell apart against that rebuilt Madrid that ran over him without going third.

A final point penalty

The game started very much to the taste of Cádiz, away from the areas, full of inconsequential minutes and with Negredo in the center of the scene. He still has many records: the game on his back, the touch to find the bands, a good overflow in short. The first thing was yellow with a showy appearance: a shot that was too crossed by Jonsson and another without power by Jairo. No brainer for Courtois. Even in possession, Cádiz was at the level of a Madrid without Kroos or Modric, the neurons of the team. Perhaps the party asked Isco, but he is still at risk of exclusion, moldy due to lack of minutes. And despite dating five Brazilians, Zidane's team fantasized very little about going out.

Madrid appeared earlier in the VAR than against Ledesma. Rodrygo was still complaining about Jairo's grip (gray play pulling white) when Iza Carcelén stepped on Vinicius as involuntarily as clearly in the area. It went to Mateu but not to De Burgos, in his bubble, and Benzema decided the fate of the match. Not only for transforming the penalty, the first to be whistled at Madrid since October (the famous one from Lenglet to Ramos at the Camp Nou), but because six minutes later, in his role as singer-songwriter, He took a great pass to the far post that Odriozola headed to the network two meters from the door. Your site is clearly across the border. And the Frenchman finished off the task with his head, another of the instruments he plays, in the center of Casemiro, before the break. Before it was violin. Now, violin and drum.

Versatile Casemiro

As so many times, Madrid got the goal before the muses, aided by the clumsiness of Cádiz in the exit of the ball. And even after many, his best players were on the other side of the field: Nacho, in his usual role as an impeccable center-back; Blanco, who may be one of those homegrown players who make up a squad in a position where it is difficult to sign, and Casemiro, the silverback when Ramos is not there. Doctorate as a midfielder, opposition as a playmaker.

The remaining half was very unemotional. Álvaro Cervera changed to four at halftime. They must have seemed few. Volantazos like this are a fight by work and not by word: Midfielder Fali, two wingers, a more active right back (Akapo). A total reform to save honor. Points were already impossible. And Madrid stopped playing against Cádiz to do so against Betis and Chelsea. Carvajal returned, who has only played three games in 2021 and is part of the Frenchman's personal guard, and Asensio and Isco refreshed the team. Benzema stayed even a little longer because he was enjoying himself that Zidane did not want to interrupt, although prudence advised otherwise.

The end was leaden. Zidane tested Miguel Gutiérrez in case the plague spreads and Mariano left a great maneuver and a bad shot on a play previously canceled for offside. Instead, Blanco took advantage of his match to the bone. There Madrid is stiff, a gap opens and the youth squad threw himself headlong into it.


Creek (45 ', José Mari), Lush (45 ', Salvi), Carvajal (60 ', Varane), Marco Asensio (60 ', Vinicius Junior), Isco (60 ', Álvaro Odriozola), Ivan Alejo (64 ', Luis Espino), Miguel Ortega Gutierrez (73 ', Marcelo), Mariano (74 ', Benzema)


0-1, 29 ': Benzema, 0-2, 32 ': Alvaro Odriozola, 0-3, 39 ': Benzema


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Salvi (7 ', Yellow) Varane (21 ', Yellow) Isaac (28 ', Yellow) Jens jonsson (40 ', Yellow) Nacho (45 ', Yellow) Marcelo (67 ', Yellow) Carlos Akapo (91 ', Yellow