1-Conan Ledesma: He touched his first ball at 32 '. And it was divided. His first major intervention was at 45 ', shot by Hugo Mallo. He could not prevent Santi Mina from 1-2 after two good interventions. Santi Mina save at 76 'Celta crashed two shots on the wood.

20-Iza Carcelén: The one from Puerto de Santa María was attentive to Javi Galán and Santi Mina, among others. He went up little because he had enough to defend.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

5-Haroyan: The Armenian started with a bad clearance that almost cost a goal from Cervil. Well above and in anticipation. As the minutes ticked by, he suffered with the sky-blue attackers and at 90 'Aspas got ahead of him with a header that crashed into the crossbar and was not alive either in Murillo's second long strike.

32-Victos Chust: The center-back, on loan from Real Madrid, had a good first half. Safe in the cut, he multiplied although in the final stretch he was somewhat overwhelmed.

22-Pacha Espino: Chased Cervi He scored the 0-2 after the penalty that Dituro repelled Salvi. The Uruguayan was imperial. He did not stop running, recovering and helping anywhere on the field. Caste party.

3-Fali: He went from center to pivot, ahead of the defense, with command in the square and marking Denis, who was substituted after the break. Very good first half despite that blow to a right thigh that somehow conditioned him and that is why he was replaced.

12-Tomás Alarcón: The Chilean is a sensational ball retriever and has a remarkable ability to be everywhere. Great free-kick converted into a goal by Lozano. Then he had to be aware of Aspas and had a problem. Good performance,

30-Bastida: The one from Chiclana made his debut in the First Division when he was 17 years old. He started out a little fearful, but little by little he grew up complying with what Cervera asked him. He was late to cover Santi Mina's shot that ended at 1-2. Replaced at 71 '

7-Salvi: He had the first big chance at 20 'after a bad loan from Tapia. Dituro intercepted a penalty which, luckily for the yellow team, turned into a goal from Espino. He helped a lot in defensive work although he lacked lucidity in the vanguard.

9-Choco Lozano: The Honduran returned to the team heeled to the left wing and with the yellow mission of putting pressure on Hugo Mallo. He scored a great goal. It caused a penalty from Fontán. He was very good until he retired at 54 'due to injury.

21-Ruben Nephew: He started out as the most advanced man, fixing the defenders, especially Murillo. He killed himself at work. At 71 'he was traded for Osmajic.

From the bench:

19-Arzamendía. Premiere of the Paraguayan international to position himself on the left wing ahead of Espino. Lacks coupling. but it offered interesting things.

8-Alex Fernandez. It acted as an interior to give air and pause in times of stress. Helped.

2-Jonsson. The Dane got up to refresh a midfield that had lost gasoline and ended up being just another defender.

29- Osmajic. The Montenegrin relieved Sobrino in the thankless job of fighting with the blue rear and ended up almost right back.

18-Negredo: The Vallecano entered at 82 ’for Salvi, staying in the lead and passing Osmajic to the right.

Alvaro Cervera. He revolutionized the starting eleven with five changes, Fali in the center of the field with Álex, Jonsson and Negredo on the bench. His approach went wonderfully in the first half although some misalignments in the back almost cost the victory.