Cadet Leonor, her day to day at the Zaragoza Military Academy: shooting with an assault rifle, the cameramen and the pledge of allegiance

In Zaragoza the military training of the Princess of Asturias began. This will be her life as a Lady-Cadet at the General Military Academy. Together with the rest of the classmates of the first course, it will begin at the beginning of the second half of August. It will be the first day of entry into his military training. Just a few months before, in May, the heir will have completed the International Baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College of Wales. The princess follow in the footsteps his father took, don Felipein the Army in 1985. This has been approved by the Council of Ministers and this was communicated by Casa del Rey through a note that was issued this Tuesday, March 14.

The incorporation of Leonor to the adademia: the camaretas. That first day of her debut, Leonor will be assigned to the I Cadet Battalion. All the comrades will be introduced to the Battalion Chief Lieutenant Colonel, Company Commander-in-Chief and Section Chief Captain. At this time, the Military Reception, Orientation and Adaptation (MAOA) module begins for all male and female cadets. There they will be housed in what is known as camaretas, bedrooms for twelve people. They will go through the hairdresser’s and they will be given their basic military equipment.

Instruction and training: assault rifle shooting. For their training as future Army Officers, first-year students dedicate nine weeks a year to training as combatants. They practice marches, topographic routes, shooting exercises with assault rifles and pistols in a simulator. Also, live fire exercises, combat track passage. This training takes place both day and night, regardless of weather conditions.

Physical preparation: the military pentathlon. Essential in training is physical education. “They are taught to teach competently and through exemplarity,” reads the website of the General Military Academy. Sports habits are promoted, such as the military pentathlon, horse riding and military personal defense.

Acts of the Cadet: the pledge of Allegiance. It is one of the most symbolic acts that we will see the eldest daughter of Philip VI y Joy. In this ceremony, Leonor will kiss the flag and take the oath to defend Spain. All cadets, gentlemen and ladies, will pronounce “Yes we swear.” The event will conclude with a tribute to those who gave their lives for Spain.