The Spanish midfielder Sergio Busquets pointed out that they will go for the victory against Sweden this Sunday in Seville despite the “change of scenery” favorable to Spain on the way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, while admitting that there are no differences between the ‘Busi ‘of the selection and that of Barça.

“A lot of pride for the number, for the whole journey, for what we have achieved, and happy to surpass two friends, I hope I can overcome it. One who will now be my coach in a new stage. Very satisfied with everything,” he said on the wheel of press, on his entry in the podium of maximum parties with Spain equaling Xavi.

“As a player, one of the best, if not the best. I have been lucky enough to be with him, we have formed a partnership in midfield for many years, we have enjoyed a lot, also with Iniesta,” he added about what will be his coach at Barça.

‘Busi’ was asked about the criticism he receives with his club when with the national team there are more praises. “I am the same, the one from Barcelona and the national team. Sometimes it exaggerates a bit depending on the atmosphere of the national team. There are many circumstances, no two teams are the same, that can also influence. I always try to do my best and help to my colleagues, that they value me more or less does not depend on me, “he said.

“For us, nothing has to change, the objective has to be to win the game, with the same idea and intensity. To be an offensive team that has the ball, strong and competitive. The scenario has changed but we must not change of idea “, aimed knowing that to Spain the tie is worth to him.

The culé player valued his personal moment and his future with the national team. “I am fine, I am enjoying a lot in the last half, in the Eurocup, in the League of Nations, there is a spectacular group, a coach who trusts me, in many games it shows in the field. Here I am still and the objective is to qualify for the World Cup, if I continue to feel well and there is confidence, I hope I can play more games, but it depends on many things, “he said.

In addition, the Catalan midfielder also referred to the coach Luis Enrique, who described him shortly before as one of the best in history. “A coach of the best in the world, for what he has achieved and the performance he has obtained. I know the work he does, the way he shows himself within the group to provide solutions. It is a luxury to have him in the national team because normally these coaches they are usually club coaches, “he confessed.

‘Busi’ was also asked about Ibrahimovic’s return to the Swedish national team. “I don’t know if he’s better or not. Ibra is a world-class player. I’m glad he’s fine, except tomorrow, every other day. I have great memories of him, I got along very well with him,” he concluded.