After beating Andrés Iniesta last Thursday against Greece, today Sergio Busquets has hunted Xavi Hernández. The current captain of the National Team He played his 133rd match against Sweden with the national jersey and tied for third place in caps with his former teammate and new coach.

Busquets is a fixed with Luis Enrique, so much so that Greece wanted to give him rest and did not enter until the second half to keep him fresh for today’s ‘final’ against Sweden. He was a starter in the final four of the Nations League and one of the players who received the most praise. The captain shone with Spain while with Barcelona he had offered a poorer image. One of the keys is that he shows that he feels more comfortable with Luis Enrique’s game, with one more block together, than with the one proposed by Koeman, with the most stretched team on the field and that made him suffer at 33 years of age. Now Xavi Hernández will meet again with his former partner, but with a new relationship: coach-player. And with the aim of getting a return on what he is giving with Spain.

The players with the most matches for Spain

Sergio Ramos 180
Casillas 167
Xavi 133
Busquets 133
Iniesta 131
Zubizarreta 126
Silva 125
Xabi Alonso 114
Torres 110
Fabregas 110
Raul 102
Pique 102
Puyol 100
Villa 98
Iron 89
Camacho 81
Cazorla 81
Jordi Alba 80
Gordillo 75
Butragueño 69
Marchena 69

Since making his debut with victory on April 1, 2009 against Turkey, he has played 133 matches in which he has scored two goals (against Macedonia and Belarus) and He has in his record the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Eurocup. For now, at 33 years old, he still intends to continue wearing the La Roja jacket.. “I have the confidence of the group and the coach. I am still here and if I am confident I will continue a few more games. I only try to help my teammates and be as well prepared as possible, everything else does not depend on me,” said the captain of the National Team. at a press conference.

Ramos is the leader with 180 games

Sergio Ramos is the footballer who has worn the shirt of the Spanish National Team the most times. Up to 180 times since he made his debut in March 2005. Although the one from Beds is still active, the injuries of the last year have caused him to fall from the last lists of Luis Enrique. Unless the current PSG defender recovers his highest level and returns to the national team, Busquets is closer to Casillas (167), the second player who has played the most with Spain.