Real Oviedo and Burgos met again in the Second Division two decades after the last time, and they did so in a clash in which the Burgos signed their first away victory at the expense of an Oviedo that crashed twice against the wood and that certified their first loss at home against Julián Calero’s men.

The first clear of the game was for Burgos and it came in a deep pass from Elguezabal to Matos that the visiting team’s lane crashed before a good Femenías, safe and fast on his way out to cover the short post.





Real Oviedo: Femenias; Lucas (Obeng, d. 79), David Costas, Dani Calvo, Pierre Cornud; Jirka (Pombo, d. 58), Brugma, Jimmy, Borja Sánchez; Joni Montiel (Matheus, d. 58) and Borja Bastón

Burgos: Alfonso Herrero; Álvaro, Córdoba, M. Rubio, M. Zabaco, Matos; Elguezabal, Andy Rodríguez (Mumo, m. 82), Saúl Berjón (Ernesto, m. 88); Juanma (Raúl Navarro, m. 76) and Guillermo (Mario Medina, m. 81).

Referee: García Verdura, Víctor (Catalan School). He admonished the visitor Rubio (51 ‘).

Goals: 0-1, M. 30: Guillermo. 1-1, M. 57: Staff (p.). 1-2, M. 65: Guillermo. 1-3, M. 85: Claudio Medina

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 11th day of the Smartbank League played at the Carlos Tartiere (Oviedo) before 7,411 spectators.

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There were no more warnings and after half an hour, Burgos went ahead after a cross by Álvaro Rodríguez that Guillermo scored with a low shot from the heart of the area, where he arrived to get ahead of Costas’ mark and beat Femenías with his long stick .

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Oviedo’s response did not come until the last play of the game, with a shot by Jimmy from the area that did not enter the goal because he unfortunately hit a Jirka who was looking for the shot under sticks and that repels the ball.

The second half started with the clearest from Oviedo: a counter action that came out of Jirka’s boots on the right and that Borja Sánchez, after requesting the back pass, crashed against the crossbar.

A ball divided in the area ended with a penalty marked thanks to Matos’s VAR on Jirka, an action that came as a result of a stomp by the defender on the Slovakian winger and that Borja Bastón masterfully materialized from eleven meters.

A few minutes later, it was Bastón himself who, passing Costas, again smashed a powerful shot against the wood of the goal defended by Alfonso Herrero, but the Madrid-born shot was invalidated by the slightly advanced position of the Carbayón point.

The joy did not last long in the blue fiefdom, and it was Guillermo who again, with a set piece and a header, returned to overtake the Burgos after getting ahead of Borja Bastón’s mark in a free kick thrown by the ex-boyfriend Saúl Berjón.

Oviedo again crashed into the wood for the third time in a shot by Borja Bastón from the front that, once again, was repelled by the crossbar of the Burgos team.

A ball repelled by the visiting defense that Dani Calvo could not clear from his position as the last blue footballer, ended in the third goal of Calero’s men after a one-on-one that Claudia Medina did not miss against Femenías to sentence the match to five of the final.

Obeng tried it in the last breath, but his shot in the area brought him out under the sticks Claudio Medina to round off the task and certify the three points of the Burgos.