Before Budimir (Zenica, Bosnia, 29 years old) forms a lethal partnership with Calleri in Pamplona. The rojillo striker passed the COVID and after a nomadic life, he tries to explode in LaLiga. Modric is a good friend of the Croatian national team. It is becoming more and more indispensable for Arrasate. He comes from scoring in the Cup against him Olot, but the most important thing in his game is everything he contributes in terms of supports and aerial fights. Dreams with do the same of victory before him Real Madrid. He passed through St. Pauli, Crotone, Sampdoria and Mallorca, and is trying to drop anchor in El Sadar.

How about Pamplona? He announced that he wanted to see the San Fermín bull runs, but unfortunately it will not be possible.

Hopefully in July we can be celebrating many things. I love Pamplona and I would like to experience Sanfermines in all its splendor. It draws a lot of attention to those of us who come from abroad. It is a great party that we are looking forward to living because it would be back to normal.

“Osasuna was destined for me,” he said when he arrived. Now can you confirm it?

Totally. There is a fit with the values ​​that this team represents. I am a fighter, I never give up and, moreover, I am ambitious and courageous. I like to compete. All that is Osasuna.

He is a very fighting striker, he complements Calleri very well, right?

We have very good forwards and a style that suits us. Calleri and I are complementary, also with Enric or Chimy. My task is to mix well with all my teammates, not only with the tips, and help the team in everything that is required. I really enjoy working outside the area, looking for balls, unloading, falling on the wing, overflowing … We have very good wingers who can play inside and look for the goal. There we have a job that we can promote. This Osasuna must move en bloc.

He is one of the best LaLiga players who wins the most aerial balls, is that his main virtue?

Soccer is played with the head. I'm not particularly tall, nor the biggest, but life has taught me to win melee. A forward has to always win the position.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

How about Chimy? It's pure energy, a shame for his injuries.

I am looking forward to playing with him. A great reference here. He has dribble, goal, puts the body, presses, has claw … A total forward, of those of now, who also infects his spirit.

Vermilion fans nicknamed him “The Alchemist”, since they claimed that everything he touches turns into gold. He liked?

An honor to hear that. Mallorca is like my home and the fans like my family. They have always treated me phenomenally and my goal was to return that affection with work and goals. Live and be important in the season of promotion I will not forget in life. It was spectacular. It is a First class club.

He came into the world just as the Balkans were beginning to turn into hell, into a cloud of shrapnel. Is there still a lot of pain in your country?

It is not a simple situation, but I prefer not to talk about it much. I prefer that we talk about football, about Osasuna, about how we Croats have always made a place for ourselves in Spain.

COVID passed. Is it something more serious than it seems? This disease makes us see the world differently.

Totally. We have all suffered it worldwide. These things have to help us to think as a group, promote solidarity, teamwork. He has been on many teams in his career.

Was Crotone a happy stage and at Sampdoria you had a bad time?

Every experience is enriching. Football lives from the present, everything can change from one day to the next. Success and failure are separated by a fine line. You always have to keep your feet on the ground, good or bad. All you live is learning to be better and grow professionally and personally.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

In Crotona they called him The 'Swan of the Balkans', a nice name.

Alchemist, Swan of the Balkans…. When you integrate well into a team and the love of the fans arises, these things appear.

How do you rate your stage in Mallorca? There was a happy ascent, a sad descent, and in the end they made it difficult for him to get out.

I still feel Mallorca very close. There is a bond that will always be alive. I have an idyll with that island, the club and the fans. I have always felt very comfortable and it was important to me. Mallorca has allowed me to be in First Division today.

Are your idols and examples Drogba, Milito, Dzeko and Mandzukic?

They are great references, but in reality who else I learn from is my classmates on a day-to-day basis. Of course you watch and analyze football, but in the day-to-day work there is growth.

You have not neglected your studies in Economics. What will you do in the future?

I only think about football and training every day. I like to study and be aware of many important things. In the future it will be seen. I have always thought that to be a good professional you have to train the person first.

What do you think of your teammate Modric? It will be a rival this Saturday.

Which is great. Ballon d'Or. Captain of Croatia. What more can I say? An example for me.

Apart from Modric, which Madrid player do you like and why?

Benzema is a total forward. What we talked about before. The work a striker does beyond goals is little valued.

Do you see options to beat Madrid?

Of course. We are Osasuna.


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