Bruno Fernandes has hardly two months wearing the Manchester United jersey and is already a legend for fans of Old TraffordIt all started in the crash of Premier that confronted him Manchester City, with victory for the red evils 2-0. During a set of the match, the Portuguese footballer had 'stiff' with Pep Guardiola, to the one who ordered to be silent, putting his finger to his mouth. Now Bruno Fernandes explained the action in an interview with Sky Sports.

Shield / Flag M. United

I have a lot of respect for Pep, his successes and what he brought to football, but at that time nor showed me no respect. So why should I respect it?“The 25-year-old United footballer said.” I spoke to some friends about it and many think: 'Pep won everything … Who is Bruno to do this to?' But at that moment, the words he says to me make me crazy “, Bruno Fernandes continued recounting the action that went around the world and that has quickly placed him at the top of the idols of the amateur red evils.

Of course, the Portuguese did not want to add fuel to the fire and refused to reveal what Pep Guardiola said. “What happens in the field stays in the field,” he said to settle the matter.