In just a few months, Bruno Fernandes has become the captain and leader of Manchester United. The Portuguese midfielder is the great reference of the English club, a responsibility he shares with the French Pogba. In an interview for NBC, Bruno Fernandes reveals what their relationship is between the two and what their first conversation was like. “The relationship I have with Paul is good. He speaks Italian and so do I. When I arrived I already knew him from Italy and he knew me. It is easy to work with. When I arrived I was injured but I saw him recover and train in a field next to ours. In the middle of training, sometimes he would come and talk to me and say: 'I'm watching the games, I'm watching your movements, don't worry. When I'm ready, I'll show you that I can find you on the right, on the left, on your back. ' That shows his confidence in you, as someone who wants to help you to be even better and also wants to help you in that direction “explained the Portuguese.

Bruno Fernandes also acknowledged that before signing for Manchester United he asked Cristiano Ronaldo for advice. “I spoke with him, mainly because he knows the club better than I do. He gave me some advice and it was important. I think everything would have been the same way, but when you talk to Cristiano it's always better. We talked about the club, how big it is and how good it would be for me. The opportunity I would have to join a great club, to have the opportunity to fight for titles. That was the best advice he ever gave me. He said, 'Go and enjoy.' You will love the fans and they will love you. So play your game and your best will appear. '” revealed the midfielder.


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