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British televisions will lose more than a billion

Gabby Barker



The initial decision that the Premier would return on April 30 seems increasingly utopian. The British government is expected to further lengthen the confinement, which It would further burden the league championship, postponing it until August if necessary. This would not only mean an economic setback for the clubs, but also for televisions.

And is that, according to Enders Analysis, a company in charge of carrying out media studies, Sky Sports and BT could stop entering more than a billion euros if the Premier does not return before August.

Complicated scenario, but at the same time nothing crazy, because the government is considering a three-month confinement, as reported by The Guardian. The break for soccer could be even greater, since, according to the same media, “Group activities of 25 people that involve unprotected physical contact will not be the first allowed when social life resumes.”

This has led to two payment platforms such as Sky, the dominant company in terms of sports programming, and BT, have taken out the calculator to see what the consequences would be for his coffers on the assumption that the ball would not roll again in England until August. Enders Analysis data estimates that the first of them would stop earning just over 766 million euros; while BT would lose revenues of almost 250 million. In other words, the losses of both televisions would exceed one billion.

But this will not be your only problem, They will also have to think about how to act with their clients. The first packages of measures have already been taken. Sky has stopped charging commercial customers, such as pub owners, for its services, and has given the option to other subscribers to pause their payments. BT, for its part, will give subscribers the option to “discuss” their contract.

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