He Werder Bremen this Saturday he won a new opportunity not to lose the category and stay in the Bundesliga. He arrived at the last day of the German championship in a position of direct descent, and for it not to be consumed he depended on third parties. But the necessary combination was given to save himself for the moment.

The set led by Florian Kohfeldt needed to win against Colonia and that Fortuna Düsseldorf lose to him Union berlin. If he won by more than 4 goals difference, a draw from Fortuna also did not prevent him from overtaking him. And what happened was that the Werder Bremen overcame the Suburb by 6-1 and the Fortuna Düsseldorf didn't even draw against him Union berlin, but fell defeated 3-0.

Therefore, it is the Fortuna Düsseldorf the team that accompanies the Paderborn, previously dropped, on the unwanted trip to the 2.Bundesliga. He Werder Bremen, not yet. But saved it still isn't. That will be played in a off playoff ’in which he still has no rival. The same will be known this Sunday. Three teams can be. He Stuttgart, although unlikely because a draw on the last day is enough to ensure direct promotion, the Heidenheim, which is right now 3rd in that 2.Bundesliga, or the Hamburg, who depends on a stumble from the aforementioned Heidenheim to sneak into the ‘playoff’.

‘To the playoff’

16. Werder Bremen 31 points

Direct descent

17. Fortuna Düsseldorf 30

18. Paderborn 20