Brandon Thomas was one of the priorities for Manolo Gaspar, the sports director, who once again made watermarks to get ahead of other teams in the race for this interesting footballer who, at 26, hopes to re-green his laurels at the Rosaleda.

Manolo Gaspar introduced the presentation ceremony. “We incorporated a player who was a priority for us. I welcome you and thank you for your willingness and for being so clear about it. Hopefully injuries respect him and that his professional goals go hand in hand with ours. “

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Brandon picks up the baton from the Malaguista leader. “Very glad to be here. My priority was coming here when I spoke with Manolo on Friday (last week). I am happy, I really want to be able to do beautiful things and give everything on the field to return the affection that everyone has transmitted to me since I arrived. I am excited about the project. You should go slowly”.

Your first sensations. “I am super comfortable and super at ease. For example, I already knew ‘Joza’ (Jozabed) who had spoken highly of the group to me; mix of young people with other more expert in the category. They have welcomed me. The group looks super healthy and it could be a good year for everyone. There is a lot of desire both in the players and in the coaching staff. “

Priority in the Malaga market. “Be clear about deciding to come here. It is always true that you can have other offers (Alcorcón was another of those interested in his signing). In my case I don't know. Since I found out about Málaga's interest, I spoke with Manolo and he told him: “I'm looking forward to working with you and looking forward to going there. It was an opportunity to come to a historic club like Malaga. I'm going to leave my skin in the field for that ”.

In which position are you most comfortable? “Whenever it is played… I am more comfortable with another top point of reference. I can also play top. I have done it on several teams. I really like the one on the far left. Perhaps the one I might like the least is the one on the far right. But I adapt to everything

Forged in the quarry of Mallorca, Brandon has passed through Rennes, Osasuna, Girona and Leganés. Each site is left with something positive. “It is difficult to stay with the most regular, and more in places where I have been very comfortable. Perhaps taking away my last year in Leganés, which was not the most regular in terms of playing. I prefer the season of the ascent with Osasuna, with the landing in Rennes. With Mallorca it was not good in terms of the group because we descended, but individually I scored goals ”.

Is this an opportunity to vindicate yourself within football? “I am not coming to vindicate myself. Each season is a world. There are people who have injuries, who do not have a level … I always like to shut up when it comes to negative comments. It is true that I come to work for myself, for the team. You like to vindicate yourself and have a better season than the last. And that is very important ”.

His first minutes as a blue and white against Vélez. “Individually it was good for me because I had been training for a couple of days just because of a blow and I still have stitches on my leg. I felt good physically. And with the group very well. I saw young people with a lot of desire. To people talking, commanding and with a lot of desire, which is essential on a football field ”.

Brandon has signed for one season with an option for another two. “Signing for a year doesn't mean anything. I wanted to be here. The main thing is to have a good year to help the team. We'll see next year. I hope I can be here for a long time because it is a historic club, a club that I have always loved ”.

Jose Alberto. ”He seems to me to be a very folksy and humble coach. He has super clear ideas. If he has to hit a voice in training, he's going to hit anyone. Both he and the coaching staff are very prepared. They come from below, they know what that is and they want to take advantage of this opportunity. Jagoba Arrasase spoke highly of him. They have both been footballers. They are very hungry to get nice things.

Malaguista project idea. “I know they have had difficult seasons and it has been more difficult, but there is more tranquility in terms of the club, in terms of everything. Manolo passed it on to me. I spoke to Jozabed and he conveyed the same to me. He was super clear that he was coming. Other topics don't influence me much. I want to focus on green.


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