Lucas Boyé (San Gregorio, Argentina, 1996) He is the top producer of Elche this season with six targets. His peaceful and thoughtful speech off the field has nothing to do with when he puts on his boots. In green it transforms. The Argentine is pure energy and reveals in AS who is his reference in Madrid.

Do you really think you can surprise Valdebebas?

We arrived well, says the last game. We come from achieving a victory against a very difficult opponent such as Sevilla. The team is very excited to be able to add. We trust ourselves.

In the first leg, they tied. Is it a reference?

Definitely. That game and many more show that in this league anyone can beat anyone. Also, we played great games against Valencia, Atlético, Sevilla, Barcelona … We didn't win, but we were good. We have things to hold on to and we really want to add.

Shield / Flag Elche

Madrid is not well at all either …

This season may not be so fine, but they have the same base as always, with world-class players. At any time they make a difference. We have to make an almost perfect match and that things don't work out for them.

Many teams from the Elche profile have scored in Valdebebas …

It is a league in which there have been many surprises because the big ones find it increasingly difficult and the little ones trust their strengths. We must follow our line because we have just played a very good game.

What do you think when you hear that Madrid have no goal?

The greats are always required more and it is the quota of pressure that these players have to endure. But I don't think it lacks a goal compared to other teams.

Who do you admire from Madrid?

Benzema drives me crazy. I love the strikers, that beyond the goals, they can throw back and make a different play. He is a forward that I love and admire for his ability to play judiciously.

Do you see Karim one of the best in the world?

For me, it is in the top 3, although this is very subjective. I have a soft spot for him, especially when he leaves the area.

You, like Benzema, also like to associate …

It is true that I like to get out of the area and play with the team. Now that we are playing with two forwards in Elche, I have more options because there is always a reference above.

He has six goals (five in the League and one in the Cup), but he could have some more. Are you happy with your season?

I am happy because I have had to play a lot. There has been talk of the averages of previous seasons, but he had never played regularly as before or had three games in a row. For a player that's all and now I'm really enjoying it. Regarding the goals, it is clear that he could take some more because we forwards have to finish the plays and be fine. But I think that the responsibility of the wingers is also to make a wear that is not negotiated because we are the first defender of the team.

“I do not sign the tie because we are able to win”

Lucas Boyé

Speaking of attrition, how much do you run a match?

Between ten and eleven kilometers. We are all fairly even.

What has Escribá contributed?

Ultimately, the arrival of a new coach brings a shift in energy. We were bad and it was clear that if there was a change, the change was going to be clearly for the better because we could not be much worse. Now we must take advantage of this moment.

It also helps to see yourself out of the descent …

The feeling is nice, but we knew that this was long and that there was a lot of League left. We were always close to everything because we are a squad with little difference in points between us.

We finish. Do you sign the tie against Madrid?

I am not signing it because we want to win and I know we are capable of doing it. Then, maybe I don't dislike a point, but first we are going to win.


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