Maria Teresa Campos unaware of the death of Laura Valenzuela because “she is not fit”, as her daughters have acknowledged when they have been asked about their mother to explain her absence at the funeral home of the mother of Lara Dibildos. The response turns on the alarms again due to the delicate moment that the 82-year-old matriarch of the Campos clan is going through.

Terelu Campos y carmen borrego They have supported Lara Dibildos and her family after the death of her mother and have talked about the extent to which the death of Laura Valenzuela, 92, has shocked them. Terelu Campos She was one of the first to go to the funeral home to comfort Lara Dibildos and this Saturday Carmen Borrego also wanted to give a hug to the daughter of the first presenter in Spain.

The little girl from Las Campos spoke to the press and clarified whether they had communicated the sad news to her mother when she arrived at the San Isidro funeral home where the funeral chapel of the Sevillian actress and presenter is open. “We’re all a bit with our older mothers and it makes us all feel sensitive. No, we don’t think it’s convenient right now. She can’t do anything, the first thing she would say is “take me” but I don’t think she’s in a position to be Right now here. She would like to give Lara a big kiss,” repeated Borrego, who insisted that at the moment they did not even dare to give him the sad news.

Terelu Campos already answered the same question on Friday and agreed with her sister in not wanting to talk to María Teresa about the death of the widow of Jose Luis Dibildos. “Understand that my mother’s situation is not to be treated publicly. I think she deserves the respect and privacy that she should have at her age and in her condition,” she said.

Carmen Borrego shared on Friday after learning of Valenzuela’s death that it was very hard to see how her mother had been forced to retire while Lara Dibildos’s mother made the decision herself to move away from the media spotlight to dedicate herself to her grandchildren.

María Teresa Campos suffered a fall at the end of last year and was admitted to a health center for just a few hours, enough for the alarms to go off and the scare worried her daughters a lot, who revealed that their mother is in a delicate situation and needs care, so they have sought a professional who takes care of it.

Maria Teresa Campos she does not watch television and is isolated from what is happening, which explains why she did not find out about her friend’s death Laura Valenzuela. Her daughters consider it convenient to preserve her from the string of controversies that Mediaset mounts around its employees and her family. Let’s not forget that Terelu, her daughter and Carmen Borrego earn their lentils in the Berlusconi chain. The soap opera that Telecinco put on around the driver Gustavo took up whole days in Sálvame and other programs. Kiko Hernández, Jorge Javier Vázquez and their colleagues dragged María Teresa’s employee to the extreme of making Terelu and Carmen jump, who had to isolate their mother from the media. “We have very sad life circumstances and in those circumstances Gustavo is an absolutely necessary person,” they defended the driver.