The funeral of Maria Teresa Campos in Madrid it was scheduled for this Tuesday, September 19. However, the Campos sisters were unable to get everything planned for it to be celebrated as they wanted, so the date had to be delayed.

Carmen Borrego has debuted as a collaborator this Wednesday in This is lifeSandra Barneda’s program on Telecinco, and in addition to talking about the difficult moment she is in and the entrance of the driver Gustavo to the house of VIP Big Brotherhas given all the details of the new funeral that they are preparing and which adds to the one that already took place in Malaga last Monday, September 11.

“It is the 25th, at 9 pm. In the Santa María de Caná de Pozuelo Church,” he said. After giving all the details, Terelu Campos’ sister has asked for calm to avoid crowds: “Let it not happen to us like at Lolita’s wedding, it is my mother’s funeral and we will do it with all the love and respect.”

María Teresa Campos died on September 5 at the age of 82 after a last year marked by her worsening health. “I am still not able to think that it is not here (…) It is difficult for me to sleep, it is difficult for me to wake up, waking up is becoming aware of reality,” Borrego confessed on his return to television after the end of Save me and the sad death of the legend of Spanish communication.