The tension between carmen borrego y Kiko Hernandez for the controversy with Gustavothe driver and right hand of Maria Teresa Campos, It does not stop growing. So much so, that the subject of the alleged betrayal of what is like a son for the octogenarian journalist has led them to star in a clash outside the cameras of Save me.

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To the surprise of both, the person in charge of making it public was Jorge Javier Vazquez upon returning from advertising this Thursday: “I was seeing from behind that Carmen Borrego was on one side and Kiko Hernández on the other, saying things under their breath. There has been a moment when Carmen has told Kiko ‘don’t spend a minute hair”.

To the sister of Have him He did not like that the man from Badalona told the public and he reproached him: “I don’t usually tell what happens behind me in front of me”. “Is it true that Alberto Díaz, the director, has appeared and he has had to separate you?” The presenter insisted. “It’s not a big deal either, he has come and I have come with him,” she replied to settle.

Gustavo is a key figure in the life of the Campos clan, especially after the last health bump suffered by his mother. For this reason, they are enduring the torment of the last few days: that the driver has supposedly secretly recorded Carmen and that she belongs to a chat, along with Kiko Hernández and Belén Ro, whose sole purpose is to make fun of the physical appearance of Carmen’s aunt. Alexandra Rubio.

“What you have told here is that he (Gustavo) is the one who speaks ill of me, my niece, my sister, my mother, and in that chat the only thing that is seen is that you provoke him with my memes and he He just laughs,” Carmen snapped. “In that chat it does not appear, it appears in the conversations that we have had in my house or in the bars. That is why I have submitted to the polygraphbecause there is no proof of those conversations,” Hernández replied. “Of course, how curious that they are unprovable things, without a single proof,” Borrego said sarcastically.