Valencia is in fashion. In Mestalla everything is good news, but above all a leader stands out: José Bordalás. The Alicante is the flag of a resurrected project that has radically changed a depressed team. The arguments and the pieces are similar to those of the past, but from the bench the DNA of the dressing room has been mutated. And Bordalás is being vital in that transformation. “I believe a lot in the coach,” Guedes said after the victory in Pamplona. Nobody better than the Portuguese, the star on the pitch, to summarize the work of the Alicante in Mestalla.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Bordalás, after more than 20 years as a professional and forged in the mud of modest football, also he is living one of his best moments on a bench. At least Bordalás himself has to look back a lot to remember a start as promising as the one he is signing in Valencia after achieving ten points out of twelve possible and being at the top of the table, together with Real Madrid.

In fact, Bordalás already can boast of having achieved his best start in First. In his fifth season in the elite, coach Ché is collecting his best numbers on a hot bench that for the moment feels like a glove and has catapulted him to the top of the table.

Bordalás teams have always been characterized by starting the seasons well, by their physical appearance and by that extra extra intensity that they inject from day one. But 'his' Valencia He has been able to add soccer, goals and victories to all those qualities of testosterone and muscle. In Getafe, Bordalás could never overcome the seven-point barrier in the first four days. He achieved those records in the 2018-19 and 2020-21 seasons. He was always far from the three victories and the draw he has achieved at the Mestalla.

Apart from Valencia, Bordalás is spraying and dusting off old records that he kept in his closet when very few knew him. In fact, It's time to go back 17 years in time to see a team with the stamp of Bordalás better than Valencia in the first four games. His Alicante, in Second B and in the 04-05 campaign, made it full of victories in an immaculate start. 12 of 12. Bordalás will not be able to match that start in modest football at Valencia, but he will try to fatten his career as a First-class coach against Real Madrid. The Alicante player already dreams of reaching 13 out of 15. Numbers from another era for Bordalás.