Bordalás: “Most teams imitate what was criticized us so much”

Do you have all your footballers for the premiere?

We've got everyone back except Amath. We have a small staff, but we can count on everyone.

How do you rate the preseason?

Very short and with a very short break. The dates have also been different and fortunately the competition is here and we really want to start.

Getafe Shield / Flag

He is satisfied?

It was very short for us because of the European competition. The break has been very short too. It seems that the 1-4-4-2 is no longer immovable. Coaches always have to look for alternatives in the drawings. We have other players and we are open.

What do you need to complete the template?

We need reinforcements. Eight have left and few have arrived. There are positions that we must fill by necessity and by number because the season is long. For example, players have left in both bands and we have to strengthen ourselves. Keita has surprised.

How does your coach see you?

He is a boy from the subsidiary who has surprised us with his speed. This is First Division and he will be able to help our subsidiary a lot, but everything has its period and Keita needs that time, to be a starter and do a good job in the subsidiary. For a while we cannot generate expectations that later are not real.

Are you expecting the same rocky Osasuna from last season?

Definitely. They have kept a large part of their staff with important additions. Last season they already proved to be a complicated team with a great level of intensity. Last season they made a lot of fouls and interrupted the game. It was a very difficult game. I hope the game will go differently with more fluidity and more rhythm.

Is that the key to be able to overcome Osasuna?

Above all, that we are correct in the face of goal and that we are a team that recovers the sensations at a defensive level, that we are reliable as in recent seasons. We have to hit the chances we have. They come with morale for having won in Cádiz and we know that in the First Division it is always difficult to win a game. Everything that Getafe has been criticized for is now being imitated by most teams and that label that had been put on us has become praise.

What message have you sent to the dressing room?

The players know me and they know that I am a very demanding and rigorous coach. We have to try to be better every season. The team has one more year of experience. Some players are missing, but those of us who are here have the obligation to have a great championship, have a good start and be motivated on the day. They have an important competitive gene and they know that I am going to demand the maximum from them. We have a responsibility with our fans and with Getafe.