The Valencia must enter 37 million euros net before June 30 to end up losing ‘only’ 36 million euros, some daunting numbers that suggest that the exit operation will start as soon as there is a good offer for a player, even if it is in the market of winter. But Jose Bordalás He says that no one has said anything to him. Of signings, at the moment there is no talk, of course.

“The club has not transferred anything to me to date and we are calm,” said the Alicante coach, who wants to try to isolate himself and his squad for as long as possible. “Honestly, my mind and my energy is in tomorrow’s game against Real,” he said.

Bordalás He assumed that this information, whether or not it was transferred to him, is official and is on the street but, surprisingly, he said he was not worried. “There are numbers and data that are not within my competence and I’m honestly not worried,” he said. In view of the entity’s situation and its need to sell, it is assumed that information and proposals for fishing in the needy Mestalla river will begin to appear in the coming weeks.

“As soon as the club transferred the situation to me … but to this day it has not transferred anything to me and we continue to work with the usual harmony,” he said.

Unlike what happened last season with Javi Gracia, despite being also a very complicated situation economically and by extension in sports, Bordalás and the president Anil Murthy have managed to maintain a complicated unity of action and discourse, something to which it helped that unlike what happened to the Navarrese coach, Bordalás Yes, they brought him some of his requests in the summer market, although they were not the first options.

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