A point in three days represents the sad start of Juventus in this championship. It is a complicated moment and in the Vecchia Signora they know. Leonardo Bonucci gave his face this afternoon at a press conference, on the eve of the Champions League premiere with Malmoe: “It is a new beginning, we must overcome these events without talking too much or looking for excuses. We must give 100% of who we are and work, nothing more“. The center-back stressed the importance of the appointment in Sweden:” It may be the turn of the season, we must think about ourselves and not about the rival. Each one of us should deserve to wear this shirt, we have to be focused and turn the page: we don't want excuses. “

On how to get out of this moment he said: “It is clear that there is a problem of mental continuity of the team and the players. There is work to be done on the field and in the head. We have quality to have a great season but we have to play them from the beginning. field from the first minute to the last. There are too many negative situations. We have to work and rediscover the humility of the winning seasons. Only with the group can we find the path that corresponds to Juve. You cannot see Juve until now. We want to look beyond, to the future, with positivity “

Asked about the improvement he would like to see in the field, he said: “Feeling responsible for what you do without repressing yourself or looking for alibis in difficulties. When you put on the Juve jersey you can't have an excuse. The only possible goal is victory. We, more experts, must pass it on to others, but also young people must understand that wearing the Juventus jersey is not like wearing other jerseys. On the pitch you don't have to hold back and the history of Juve shows this, where the team, the humility and the spirit of sacrifice led to victory “.

Of the pressure on the team, he said: “The pressure is on us, but when you play for Juve you have to be used to the pressure. If the pressure scares you, you can't play for Juve. It will be a difficult game from the beginning. From a physical point of view, even in the space attack they are good. We are here to take home the victory because it would allow us to look forward to the next games with hope and positivity. “

About his relationship with the coach he said: “I never shot arrows at the coach. We have always had a very sincere relationship and beyond what happened there has always been esteem and respect. I have also had discussions with other coaches and this does not change based on the name of the coach. There must be discussions because those who want to improve are ready to argue, and this also happened with the coach 4 years ago. Despite what was a disturbing element for everyone, I say that I am the one who played with him the most. We must have the obligation to give the best version of ourselves. I have almost 500 games in Juve, there is a captain who wears the armband and another who does not. I feel responsible and he asked me to come here because I am responsible and I put on my face like I have done other times in the past. “

As if there was a conversation with Szczesny after the Naples game said: “After Napoli, the coach spoke and we thought about training. Tek has lived through difficult moments but he only thinks about working and we all have to do that. We have to be focused and calm because this moment will pass and we will have to be fine.”

Allegri: “In a month and a half we will try to be up again”

Max allegri, for his part, he was calm, promising a comeback: “We pay for several individual errors, things that can happen. This year's league will be very close and there will be time to straighten the path. There will not be a team capable of killing the championship, and we in a month, a month and a half we will try to be up again “. The technician, who confirmed the casualties of Chiesa, Bernardeschi and the presence of De Ligt in the starting eleven, thus closed the case of his fight with Spalletti: “We are Tuscans and sometimes we get angry, but absolutely nothing happened.” On Szczesny, who remains at the center of the controversy, Allegri was blunt: “He is a goalkeeper of absolute level and tomorrow he will play.”


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