Jose Ortega Cano hear from home the accusations of Rocio Carrasco in his docuseries. The right-hander has already advanced that he intends to take legal action against her. Now, he would have gone a step further, since he would be willing to come face to face with her.

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Kiko Matamoros has assured this Tuesday in Save me that the bullfighter has sent him a revealing message: “He told me that he did want to have a face-to-face with her and dismantle everything she is saying about him.” She has not revealed if the husband of Ana Maria Aldon he wants to have this meeting in privacy or on a television set.

George Xavier, who will take the reins of the docuseries from Monday, has been defiant: “Rocío has no problem. Courage must be shown”. The one from Badalona has also put the bullfighter on the ropes: “Rocío Carrasco has told me a scene, that if Rocío tells it, Ortega has to leave the country.” Live, they have proposed him to sit with Rociito in the Deluxe next weekend. Let’s see what’s left…

lawsuits in sight

“During the marriage my mother suffered a lot. José did not know how to value the woman he had,” Carrasco assured in his docuseries. These statements and the insinuations about some photos that would not leave the right-hander in a good place, have provoked the indignation of Ortega Cano.

So much so that the bullfighter is willing to do anything against the daughter of Dew Sworn: “He will know what he has to do because he will have to do a lot”, Ortega Cano confessed a week ago to the microphones of Europapress, to later remark that he will undertake “all! all!” possible legal measures against the universal heiress of The Greatest.

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If the two finally face each other, it will be one of the most anticipated moments in the family clan since the death of the unrepeatable Rocío Jurado in 2006. All this controversy comes in the middle of another personal storm of the right-hander, since his marriage with Aldon is hanging by an ever finer thread.