The Feroz Awards, held at the Zaragoza Auditorium, went beyond the cinematographic this weekend and, unfortunately, for an unfortunate reason. The producer Javier Perez Santana He has been charged with sexual assault. Go launched a series of accusations.

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To the accusations of the actress of PoisonNow those of television are added Bob Pop: “I was talking to people and he came about three times to try to eat my mouth without my permission while I dodged him as best I could, but do you know what happens? I never thought that this could be reported. I thought, well, well, I He has touched my share of the slimy drunk that you get at all the parties and you put up with it”, he assured this Monday in Cadena Ser, referring to Perez Santana.

In this sense, he added: “At no time did I think I was going to call someone to make this guy leave. Surely I did wrong, but it was not in my head, and it seems very important to me that with the new law we assume that There are no more things that we don’t have to put up with, neither from a drunkard nor from anyone”.

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He has also given more details of the suffocating situation in which he found himself: “In my case it was more of a joke because I am a guy in a wheelchair who you are harassing who cannot move because I thought, at some point I turn on the chair and I’m leaving here, but there were a lot of people I would have run over so the news would have been me running over people in the Feroz, I didn’t want that either”.

Jedet’s accusations

Via romeira loveJedet declared in Fiesta that he did not want to appear in this whole story because “he is afraid that the subject will harm him”, since “it was an anonymous complaint”. The collaborator added: “The first thing this person has with Jedet is some transphobic attacks, that is, he attacks her for being trans and after all this, is when this boy touches him without his consent.”

As reported by the Herald of Aragonone of the defendants is Javier Pérez Santana, producer of the film my emptiness and me, for allegedly touching Jedet. In the early hours of this Sunday he was arrested by the Local Police, but from the Superior Police Headquarters of Aragon they confirm Europa Press who has already been released. There is a second individual denounced by a man, but none of the identities of the latter have come to light.