The number two of the Thai Police, Surachate Hakparn, is the protagonist of a new scandal and is being investigated for an alleged crime of corruption. All the evidence gave him away and this Wednesday, Big Joke He has confessed to having paid “three or four” journalists who reported on his cases.

The police officer affirms, however, that none of these reporters have been linked to corruption and that he did not ask them to do anything. “nothing specific”. He also assures that it was only an act of good faith because the journalists “they are poorly paid” and their work is not sufficiently recognized: “When the reporters accompanied me to cover the news I gave them 10 thousand baht (about 259 euros) for their work (…) I have between three and four journalists who have worked with me for a long time.”

The agent, who aspired to occupy the position of top chief of the National Police, has seen his dreams cut short. His house has been thoroughly searched and those responsible for the investigation have prepared reports that do not leave him in a good light and that are already in the hands of the Thai Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin.

It must be remembered that Big Joke has been responsible for the leaks to the Thai press about the Daniel Sancho case and that he lied to Spanish journalists by ensuring that Rodolfo Sancho’s son was not in Koh Samui prison, generating great confusion. .