Betis presents a season ticket campaign in three phases

He Real Betis Balompié has launched this Friday a new subscriber campaign for the 2020/21 season, divided into three phases and marked by the coronavirus pandemic and existing limitations for access to stadiums, which will be extended over time

The subscription campaign, which will be carried out completely online, It will start next Monday, September 14 and in its first phase, to renew those who were already members -registration, to reserve the seat and the number- will last until October 1. Prices for adults in this phase range between 110 euros for the animation stand and 382 for the preference of the first amphitheater. New subscriber registrations will begin on October 7, until the limit of 50,373 seats available, as long as there were free places between the renovations. If finally it is not possible to attend any game this season, that money paid for registration would be deducted from the amount of the subscription for the following campaign.

“Once the health authorities allow partial access to the stadiums, some quotas and groups will be established to attend the games. Another important detail this year is the incidence of the amounts corresponding to the five games played behind closed doors in the 2019/20 season ”, explains the club.

The second phase will begin when spectators can enter the stadium Benito Villamarin in reduced quotas, which will be distributed by lottery. They will be covered by tickets, which will be initially discounted from the already paid tuition. The parties will have two different prices: Class A prices range from 24 to 90 euros for those and Class B, from 9 to 24 euros for members who renew and somewhat higher for new registrations. “The matches against him are considered class A Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Club Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla FC, being, therefore, class B the remaining 15 games “, specifies the club.

Once the authorities allow the matches to be played with full capacity, the last phase of the season ticket campaign will begin, in which the pending amount will be paid until the end of the season. If you could attend 100% of the matches, the price would be the same as last season. This amount will be subtracted from the balance available by the Betic, consisting of the enrollment minus the games that you have enjoyed. The club maintains the prices of last season, ranging from 230 euros for the animation stand to 795 euros for the first Preference amphitheater (from 290 to 1,145 euros for new registrations).

The renewal of subscriptions will be done through the website created especially for it, called 'With you Betis'. You can check all the conditions through this club link.