can last the love, even being the state closest to hate. But passion is fleeting. It lasted what Espanyol lasted his idyll with the RCDE Stadium, his unconditional dedication to Vincent Morenoincluding his devotion to Chen Yansheng, who this Friday fulfilled six years in charge of the club. promised Champions at three. You will have to wait, at least, for the seventh. It is in those Betis, third and getting closer to second, spectacular, who enjoys a honeymoon Able to overcome, to overwhelm, to fall in love.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

With or without love, where life passed until the clash was decided it was for the right wing of Espanyol, the left of Betis. Gardeners will have to work overtime.

That’s where he was born the 1-0 of Raul de Tomas, who precisely equaled Juanmi as the top Spanish filmmaker, and who arrived after a formidable center of Óscar Gil, after timing well between the man from Elche, Melendo and Darder. In that band, at the same vertex of the area and by an accidental hand of Aleix Vidal signaled by the VAR, the tie arose, that the experico Borja Iglesias scored from a penalty with aplomb. And on that flank, of course, Fekir kicked the corner that Guido converted, free of marking, in the 1-2.

Shield/Flag Betis

with a feeling of incredulity, a Espanyol went to rest without Cabrera and that he had opted for his players (Darder, Morlanes and Melendo) to counteract the physical power of a Betis in which Álex Moreno returned… In that omnipresent lane.

Without hesitation or speculation, the verdiblancos came out to look for the sentence on resumption. And they found her soon. How long it took Canales to invent a magical heel assist for Borja Iglesias to overcome to four defenses and burst the ball, a night for anger, in which one day it was his goal. His house.

Embarba had the second but it was willian joseph, who also entered as a refresher, who certified the win. Y Raúl de Tomás, the one who symbolized Espanyol’s night: from the euphoria of the goal to the impotence to force two yellow cards. The expulsion. The love break.


David Lopez (45′, Calero), Tello (58′, Juanmi), Loren Moron (60 ‘, Óscar Melendo), Embarba (60 ‘, Aleix Vidal), Keidi (68′, Manu Morlanes), willian joseph (73′, Borja Iglesias), Victor Ruiz (83 ‘, Pezzella), Camarasa (83′, William Carvalho), Tonny Vilhena (83 ‘, Javi Puado), Saved (83′, Canals)


1-0, 13′: of Thomas, 1-1, 30′: Borja Iglesias, 1-2, 35′: Guido Rodriguez, 1-3, 52′: Borja Iglesias, 1-4, 75′: willian joseph


Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Pezzella (32′, Yellow) Juanmi (42′, Yellow) Manu Morlanes (59′, Yellow) Borja Iglesias (64′, Yellow) of Thomas (78′, Yellow) William Carvalho (78′, Yellow) of Thomas (81 ‘, Roja