Bertín Osborne fails to stop the paternity tests of his baby with Gabriela Guillén

Last Monday at 1:30 p.m., Gabriela Guillén entered the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences located in the town of Las Rozas (Madrid) with her baby to undergo DNA tests. that the judge who is following his case had requested in response to the paternity lawsuit filed against Bertín Osborne. Until the last moment, the Paraguayan woman was waiting to know if the court would annul that evidence after receiving a letter signed by the singer’s legal representative the previous week in which she agreed to this demand and claimed to be the father of the baby.. A writing that immediately followed in a statement to the media provided by José Luis López ‘El Turronero’, the architect of Bertín’s recognition of the paternity that he has questioned for many months and hence why he was not even interested in meeting his son. of the.

Today everything is good intentions but it is known that Justice has its times and that there was a period in which an attempt was made to reach a conciliation with the father through a burofax that was left without a response and hence the lawsuit continued. course. When Bertín wanted to react, it was not only late but he obtained a document that the experts in these civil proceedings knew would be of no use given that acquiescence is not a possibility in this case.. Article 751 of the Civil Procedure Law states this very clearly: “in the processes referred to in this title, the renunciation, the search and the transaction will not take effect”, referring to paternity with minors. Therefore, Osborne’s defense brief has not been able to stop anything since it has no place in this procedure and hence Gabriela, heeding the advice of her defense, went with her baby to the appointment that she had already scheduled for the court and complying with the steps established by Justice.

It is good to clarify this point because there are many voices close to the singer who assured that with this agreement the lawsuit was “thrown down” and there was no need for lawyers or judges for that child to have a father. The facts show not only how wrong they were but also how ignorance of the procedures in this type of lawsuits.

Once again, it is the judge who will set the deadlines and that is why we only need to know the date of the oral hearing that will be held in the Sevillian town of Alcalá de Guadaira (where the father has his domicile) to which both Bertín and Gabriela will attend to listen. the resolution. By then it will be known if the singer has also taken the tests, as everything seems to indicate, or has finally appealed the letter. Although in practice the acceptance of him as a father serves to reassure the mother, the truth is that until the baby is registered with the surname Ortiz Guillén, everything will not have been finalized.

It will be from then on that the parents decide on the maintenance and visitation agreement for the minor (with five months the custody will be the mother’s) but will always be under the guardianship of the Public Prosecutor’s Office as there is a minor involved.. That will be the beginning of a new relationship between Bertín and Gaby ‘condemned’ to understand each other forever and more so due to the manifest desire of the Paraguayan who has always repeated that what she really wants “is for my son to have a father who acts as such.” “If it had only been the money, I would not have taken this step because I even renounced the transfers that Bertín made to me to help me with the pregnancy. What I want is for my son to have a real father,” he adds. Time, and surely El Turronero, will tell if he succeeds.