He is about to turn 67, but Bertin Osborne he feels like he’s 40. And much more so since a few months ago he started playing sports again and got in shape. For this reason, after showing his physical change on his networks, much thinner, he received a call from the magazine Hola so that he starred in what is up to now, his most commented cover. They say that she has charged a fortune for that perched that some tweeter baptized not without some joke as “the body of the World Cup”.

The singer and presenter appears in a black tank top showing off muscles like teenager after playing a basketball game; And of course, the comments have not been long in coming. So much so that the magazine itself has decided to deactivate the comments on Instagram because most of them were not very favorable to Bertín or the cover. But in Twitter That option to remove opinions does not exist and this is what we have found.

“Course cut and paste with the Photoshop: body of a tronista, face of an old man”, says one. “What a fucking disgusting”, comments another with evident bad taste. “The most pathetic cover in a long time!”, they continue. “But, and that face? Wasn’t there Photoshop left?” writes another. “The only thing left is for him to get rid of the dandruff,” adds one more. Added to all this are many emoticons of vomit. Until Juan del Val, in the anthill, He ironized the subject without naming Bertín or the magazine, but it was the topic of the day: “Today I want to talk about old bodybuilders. The grandfather of Heidihe takes off his shirt and it seems Mario Casas. It makes no sense at all. I believe that everything has an age. And I believe that a person cannot be very muscular when they are 86 years old,” she commented.

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Bertín, at a party that he attended the same night that the cover was published, joked about the matter, although people close to him have confessed to us that they have not been amused: “He hides it, but it annoys him and what He is used to criticism because he has been doing this all his life, but he is like that. You already know what character he has”. He, however, at the event said: “The first scared when I saw the cover was me. I said hell! I’ve already heard about everything today, that if it’s Photoshop or I don’t know what I was about to come here in a T-shirt,” he jokingly commented. But what they tell us is that he would have preferred that photo not have gone on the cover: “He doesn’t even fucking like feeling like a meme,” they assure us.

his ex-wife, Fabiola Martinez, he also touched on the matter on the show he works on. And she did it in the most joking way she could: “I’ve never seen abs, he’s just missing the tablet. Now I’m going to have to call him Bertinator,” he told her. Sonsoles Onega. Furthermore, he confessed to being fan of his ex: “He has always been very handsome. Now he is very good. I love it,” he laughed. But the truth is that Fabiola is already very far from Bertín.

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“She is even happy that he is no longer her husband. She is now going out and coming in with her friends without having to explain to Bertín, who was not amused that she was staying with her friends,” they tell us. In fact, that same day as the cover of Bertín, Fabiola appeared in a tight dress animal print that made it clear that if anyone was great it was her. Her revenge dress has been baptized.