Bertín Osborne, after the Enna scandal: he changes his phone number and prepares his reappearance

Bertin Osborne has not reacted publicly to the statements of the former triumph Annawho has assured that she maintained relations with the ranchera singer for fifteen years, coinciding with the marriage of the presenter and Fabiola Martinez.

Fabiola herself has already reacted publicly and said that her main concern is her children. She says that what is related to Bertín’s love life no longer affects her at all, because in this sense he is no longer part of her life. “I have always been very honest, very transparent, very frank, I don’t like hypocrisy. You don’t care. I don’t play the game. It’s not my life,” she said this Thursday.

As for Bertín, it has been known that he would have blurted out “They are all the same” among his entourage after listening to Enna. However, now it has emerged what his roadmap is to follow after the new information about his life: “He is not going to do absolutely anything, he is going to avoid the topic and he is going to give an interview but for another reason,” Isabel explained. Rábago on Telecinco.

Kike Calleja, for his part, has revealed that the artist “has changed his phone.” He has two, one for personal issues and another for professional ones, as explained on Joaquín Prat’s program.

Bertín, of course, is not bored. Added to Enna’s statements is the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillén, who reappeared this Wednesday on television, and the controversy over the abortion of Chabeli Navarro, the Sevillian woman whom she also got pregnant after her separation from Fabiola.