Bernardo Pantoja: from Pinocchio, his alleged secret son, to his fights with Anabel and his love for Junco

The brother of Isabel Pantoja He passed away this Friday at the age of 69. In February 1986, Bernardo he said ‘yes, I want’ to Mercedes Bernal. A marriage that did not reach a decade of marriage and from which Anabel Pantoja. Father and daughter had a distance that lasted for years, but time brought them back together.

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Bernardo has been one of the most unknown brothers of the singer, since he always led a more discreet life, away from the media focus and with a certain distance in the media. In recent years he has suffered numerous health ailments derived from the diabetes he suffered from.

In recent years it has emerged that Bernardo had a supposed son, Louis, ‘Pinocchio’, which would have resulted from an extramarital relationship during his relationship with Mercedes. A man who has spoken before the cameras of Save me and that he himself would have recognized as such, but that he does not enjoy his last names: “I have never hidden that I have a son, Luis. I have had a good relationship with him for more than 20 years,” Bernardo went on to say. He also admitted: “I have not told Anabel.”

In 2019, Bernardo found love again at the hands of Rush, the woman who has been by his side until his last minutes. This was her second wedding, although the ceremony was private and no one from the family attended.

Despite leading a discreet life, there have been many controversies that have come to light throughout his life, especially his problems with justice. A subject that Anabel has always vetoed in the television programs in which she has collaborated and of which she has never spoken.

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Bernardo’s relationship with his sister Isabel has been the most distant in recent years. However, the singer arrived at the hospital at dawn on Thursday to be by his side in his last hours. There have been few occasions on which we have been able to see them together, at least publicly.

The last time we were able to see Bernardo with his entire family was at the concert offered by Isabel in Seville, in June 2017, where he shared a seat with his mother, Doña Ana, his nephew Kiko Rivera, Irene Rosalesthe daughters of both, One Pantoja, Alejandro Albala and his wife, Junco. She did not attend the wedding of her daughter with her ex-husband, omar sanchezin October of last year.