Berlusconi is not bluffing. He has never done it since he arrived at Monza and he's still at it. He and his inseparable Galliani made the promotion from Serie C possible and, already as second classified in Serie B, they look to the future. They made it possible for Balotelli and Boateng to sign for the team in the second division and now they already handle another blow. If there is promotion to Serie A, yes. If for the first time in its history the Lombard club manages to get into the top flight, the dream of Galliani and Berlusconi is to bring together Balotelli, Boateng and … Ribéry! Galliani, managing director of Monza, has confirmed it and never speaks to speak.

The strategy is to take advantage of the friendship that emerged between Boateng and Ribéry at Fiorentina and thus attract the 37-year-old French star. Ribéry ends the contract the club violates next June and it is not at all clear that he will extend it. For now, Galliani has already reached out to the French. “Ribéry's story stems from a deep friendship between Boateng and him, imagine if a superstitious person like me is thinking about Serie A. If we can get promoted to Serie A, we will think about it and try it,” Galliani told Teleradiostereo. Monza's CEO is most ambitious: “Our project at Monza included the promotion from Serie C to B, and from B to A. Technically, at the moment, we have the best goal difference with the rest of teams. In the classification we are second and we would be in Serie A at the moment. But this does not count, it counts to be there after 38 games. We hope to give to the city where I was born, to the club of which I was vice president and one of the owners from 1975 to 1985, the joy of reaching Serie A, something that has never happened, “explains Galliani.

As an account, the plan continues its course and its signings are being relevant. Especially Boateng. The former Barcelona player is the team's top scorer alongside Gytkjaer, with four goals. It also adds four assists. Meanwhile, the one who is having the most problems is Balotelli. The forward made his debut on December 30, after weeks training to get fit after the long inactivity. He couldn't do better, since he scored a goal, but some physical problems have kept him out since then. The player has returned to work with his teammates on Wednesday days before Le Monza meets Empoli, the leader of the Italian second division.