Berbatov, former player of great teams like the Manchester United or the Tottenham He was one of the most interesting forwards of the last two decades. His famous first touch to orient the ball or get rid of an opponent, pass or directly score, was the mark of the house.

Now he follows in his footsteps in the world of football, as a commentator in various media. The Bulgarian has become an unexpected defender of the
Atlético de Madrid
. Even to put him among his candidates for the Champions League in this strange season.

The Bulgarian has revealed who are the teams that for him can end up raising the continental scepter. Among them he has placed the Athletic, who incidentally already defended a few months ago before the string of complaints from the Liverpool for its elimination.

For the former striker, the Bayern MunichBecause of how he has returned to competition, he is the great favorite. “Looking at the Champions League this year, I think I'm going to bet on the Bayern Munich to win it, if that happens, “he said Berbatov to Betfair. “Maybe because I see a lot Bundesliga, but they always impress me with quality football and they have very good players ”, he continued to sentence. “The way they defeated the Chelsea In this last match it was incredible (0-3 in the first leg), they did it so easily … I don't know how the break will affect everyone, but the Bayern Munich it may have a slight advantage, ”he explained.

But it is not only your bet. For the Bulgarian, the Athletic it is also. “I also really like the Atlético de Madrid, it produces high quality football in my opinion ”, explained the now commentator.


A few months ago, after the tie that the Athletic starred before him Liverpool, Berbatov He jumped in defense of the mattress box for the criticism received.

“TO Simeone you don't have to care what I say Klopp and focus on their methods, “he began by saying Berbatov, which added that “Jurgen He was wrong to criticize the Athletic for being defensive. Depends on Simeone what style do you want for your team. To the Cholo The criticism that they make must slip. The Liverpool he knew perfectly how he could play the Athletic and still they couldn't beat them. “

“This style has come from pearls to Simeone and has transformed the Athletic in a double finalist of the Champions and even threatens the hegemony of Real
Madrid and Barcelona in The league. The Cholo has made the Athletic a real machine, so no one should blame him for sticking to his methods, “said the Bulgarian.


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