The one from Paracuellos has resumed her social life in Madrid after spending several weeks in Madrid and has already had two events in just three days. The first, the funeral of María Teresa Campos. The second, the presentation of the Chicote Awards in the ‘museum’ of the same name. She shared the evening with friends like Carlota Corredera and Gema López but she also saved time to make new contacts: “I’m going to say hello to Susanna Griso, of course, and take a photo with her.”

Jesulín’s ex, who has starred in a good collection of memes on networks for ‘chasing’ celebrities to be photographed with them, claims to be happy: “Life is stages and now it’s time for something else. I see Jorge Javier every night and I am happy for all the colleagues who are already working: Gema, Alberto, Laura Fa… All of them,” he said. After recording the special for Netflix on the other side of the pond, she has focused on other projects: gazpachos and advertising (she is the new image of an energy company).

Belén enjoyed a wild party with a multitude of familiar faces. As we said, she reunited with her friends Carlota Corredera y Gema Lopezbut he was also with Susanna Grisoone of the winners of the night.

They also attended the Chicote museum Boris Izaguirre, Fiona Ferrer, Joseph Pedrerol or the actors Maria Esteve, Carmen Machi y Melanie Olivareswho supported their partner at all times Pepón Nieto in his first public appearance after losing his father a few days ago.